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spiced carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese


Orange Dreamsicle

orange cake with vanilla cream cheese



eggnog cake with eggnog buttercream


Key Lime

key lime cake with key lime cream cheese


Cup o’ Joe

coffee cake with coffee buttercream


White Chocolate Raspberry

white chocolate cake with raspberries and white chocolate buttercream


Ruby Red

red velvet with cream cheese icing


Coconut Cream

coconut cake with coconut cream cheese


Ol' Miss

southern Italian cream


Cherry Almondina

almond cherry cake with cherry almond buttercream



pistachio cake with pistachio buttercream


Pink Champagne

pink champagne cake with vanilla buttercream


Raspberry Cream Cheese

raspberry cake with cream cheese


Vanilla Gingerbread

gingerbread spiced cake with vanilla buttercream


Pineapple Cream

pineapple cake with cream cheese


Upside down Pineapple

butter cake with caramelized pineapple and a cherry



watermelon cake with watermelon buttercream


Banana Split

banana cake with pineapple filling and strawberry & vanilla buttercream

Lemon Cake

Lemon Drop

lemon cake with lemon buttercream


Strawberry Lemonade

lemon cake with strawberry buttercream


Blackberry Lemon

lemon cake with blackberry buttercream


Lemon Raspberry

lemon cake with raspberry buttercream


Raspberry Lemon

lemon cake with raspberry filling and raspberry lemon buttercream



pumpkin spiced cake with vanilla cream cheese


Pumpkin Caramel

pumpkin cake with caramel filling and caramel buttercream


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

pumpkin cake with chocolate chips and vanilla buttercream


Chocolate Pumpkin

pumpkin cake with chocolate buttercream

Sir ChocOlate

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream



Mint Chocolate Chip

chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream and chocolate chips




chocolate cake with marshmallow filling and vanilla marshmallow buttercream



Rocky Road

chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, chocolate buttercream with walnuts and marshmallows



Almond Joy

chocolate cake with coconut cream filling and coconut buttercream



Chocolate Pistachio

chocolate cake with pistachio buttercream



Cookies and Cream

chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream



German Chocolate

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and coconut pecan praline



Critter Cakes

vanilla or chocolate cake with icing and candy critters



Black Forrest

chocolate cake with cherry filling and vanilla buttercream



Cherry Cola

chocolate cola cake with cherry cola buttercream



Chocolate Coconut

chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese



Chocolate Orange

chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange buttercream



Chocolate Candy Cane

chocolate cake with peppermint candy cane buttercream



Chocolate Sundae

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, hot fudge and sprinkles



Chocolate Worm-n-dirt

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, cookie crumbs and gummy worms



Cranberry White Chocolate

white chocolate cake with cranberries and white chocolate buttercream



Hot Cocoa

chocolate cake with hot chocolate buttercream




chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream



The Hazel

chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream



Salted Chocolate Caramel

chocolate cake, salted caramel filling, caramel buttercream




chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream



Mayan Spiced Chocolate

mayan spiced chocolate cake with spiced chocolate buttercream

Southern Belle

vanilla bean buttermilk cake with brown sugar buttercream




vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream



M&M Peanut Butter Monster

vanilla chocolate chip M&M cake with peanut butter cream cheese



Ryker’s Chocolate Chip

vanilla chocolate chip cake with brown sugar cookie dough buttercream



Peaches and Cream

vanilla peach cake with cream cheese



Peppermint Crunch

vanilla mint cake with candy cane buttercream



Root Beer Float

vanilla root beer cake with vanilla root beer buttercream



Salted Caramel

vanilla cake with caramel filling and salted caramel buttercream



vanilla cake with grape jelly filling and peanut butter cream cheese



Thin Mint

vanilla mint cake with chocolate buttercream



Blackberry Bliss

vanilla cake swirled with blackberry jam with blackberry buttercream



Birthday Cake

vanilla sprinkle cake with vanilla buttercream



Citrus Vanilla

vanilla cake with lemon, orange and lime with vanilla buttercream



Critter Cakes

vanilla or chocolate cake with icing and candy critters



Sweet Pig

vanilla maple cake with maple buttercream and bacon



French Vanilla Cappuccino

vanilla coffee cake with vanilla buttercream



Strawberry Pistachio

strawberry cake with pistachio buttercream





Strawberry Margarita

strawberry cake with margarita buttercream




Strawberry Milkshake

strawberry cake with strawberry malt buttercream



Strawberries n' Cream

strawberry cake with cream cheese icing





Strawberry Patch

strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream






Chocolate Covered Strawberry

strawberry cake with chocolate filling and strawberry buttercream


Cinnamon Almond

cinnamon almond cake with cinnamon cream cheese



Cinnamon Churro

cinnamon vanilla cake with cinnamon buttercream



I Do

cinnamon almond cake with almond buttercream

Cinnamon Spice

cinnamon spiced cake with cream cheese



Cinnamon Streusel

cinnamon cake with cinnamon streusel crumble topping



Cupcakes $3 each or $2.75 each if you order a half dozen or more.

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