Pie  Menu


Traditional twists




Southern Charm Pecan - $30

Texas pecans swimmin’ in our old-fashioned signature moonshine filling




The Cranky Lady - $20

Traditional buttermilk custard, sweet and creamy and just like grandma used to make




Brownie Fudge Pie - $20

Rich chocolate fudge baked to perfection in our signature flaky crust...a pie that will make you say it is truly "sweet as pie".

The Pun'kin - $20

Classic, creamy pumpkin with cinnamon, vanilla, and an array of spices in our buttery, flaky pie crust



White Chocolate Cheesecake Pie - $20

Icebox cheesecake paired with sweet white chocolate and strawberries in a chocolate cookie crust and topped with momma’s made-from-scratch whipped cream.



Mama Phillip’s Millionaire Pie - $25

Sweet cream, pecans, pineapple and cream cheese, topped with momma’s made-from-scratch whipped cream, sweet cherries and chocolate flakes


Tipsy Pecan - $35

Our Southern Charm pecan pie boozed up with a little Jack Daniel’s





“Gooder” Than Grits Pie - $30

Texas pecans, coconut and good ol’ chocolate chips swimmin' in our old-fashioned signature moonshine filling.


S’mores Pie - $22

Our Sweet as Pie brownie Fudge Pie topped with brûléed marshmallows and a sprinkling of brown sugar graham cracker crumbs



Easy as Pie Macaroon Pie - $20

The beloved coconut macaroon in a pie

Coco Loco - $25

Creamy custard with just about enough coconut to almost make you go loco, topped with our sweet meringue and toasted coconut


Smooth Operator - $25

Smooth, decadently rich and creamy chocolate filling generously topped with our sweet meringue


Almonds of Joy- $25

Our Smooth Operator Chocolate Pie swirled with coconut and generously topped with our sweet meringue, toasted coconut and chocolate drizzle

The Chunky Monkey - $25

Rich banana custard layered with fresh bananas, caramel drizzle, and topped with our sweet brûléed meringue


The Great Pumpkin Meringue - $25

Creamy pumpkin with cinnamon, vanilla, and array of spices, topped with brûléed meringue and sprinkling of cinnamon


Lemon Meringue Pie - $25

Sweet, citrus lemon curd piled high with our signature sweet meringue



(Any of our meringue pies can be topped with made-from-scratch whipped cream! Just let us know)

Peanut Butter Dream Pie - $25

Creamy peanut butter combined with sweet cream cheese, drizzled with rich chocolate fudge and swirls of momma’s made from scratch whipped cream...what every peanut aspires to become.

(Sugar-free version available as well)



Key Lime Pie - $22

Tart and tangy custard flavored with the limes of the Keys (Sugar-free version available as well)




Lemon Velvet - $22

Creamy, rich lemon custard topped with momma’s made from scratch whipped cream...as smooth as velvet (Sugar-free version available as well)


Lemon Raspberry Velvet - $22

Our creamy Velvet Lemon Pie swirled with fresh raspberries... (Sugar-free version available as well)


Chocolate Silk Pie - $22

Smooth and silky chocolate custard topped with momma’s made from scratch whipped cream and chocolate shavings (Sugar-Free version available as well)


Texas Peach Pie - $28

Sweet country peaches spiced with our signature blend of spices and brown sugar...for the love of Texas, this is a good pie


Summer Strawberry Pie - $28

Sweet and juicy strawberries piled high in our signature flaky crust...reminiscent of a perfect summer day


Miss American Pie - $30

Sweet and tart apples swimmin' in brown sugar, cinnamon and spices, baked to perfection in our signature flaky crust.


Crumblin’ Apple Pie - $30

Our Miss American Apple Pie topped with an old-fashioned cinnamon crumble topping


Cherry Pie - $28

An explosion of dark, sweet cherries dancing in our sweet cherry sauce and finished off with our signature lattice flaky crust...it’s like the 4th of July in every bite


Blackberry Pie - $28

Tart blackberries sweetened to perfection and topped with our signature lattice crust


My Berry Pie - $28

Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries jumbled together in a sweet berry sauce with a hint of citrus vanilla; topped with our signature lattice crust







Mini Pies are offered in any of the above flavors. Mini Pies are $2.95 each,

with a minimum of 12 mini pies for custom orders.

Cupcake  Menu








spiced carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese


Orange Dreamsicle

orange cake with vanilla cream cheese



eggnog cake with eggnog buttercream


Key Lime

key lime cake with key lime cream cheese


Cup o’ Joe

coffee cake with coffee buttercream


White Chocolate Raspberry

white chocolate cake with raspberries and white chocolate buttercream


Ruby Red

red velvet with cream cheese icing


Coconut Cream

coconut cake with coconut cream cheese


Ol' Miss

southern Italian cream


Cherry Almondina

almond cherry cake with cherry almond buttercream



pistachio cake with pistachio buttercream


Pink Champagne

pink champagne cake with vanilla buttercream


Raspberry Cream Cheese

raspberry cake with cream cheese


Vanilla Gingerbread

gingerbread spiced cake with vanilla buttercream


Pineapple Cream

pineapple cake with cream cheese


Upside down Pineapple

butter cake with caramelized pineapple and a cherry



watermelon cake with watermelon buttercream


Banana Split

banana cake with pineapple filling and strawberry & vanilla buttercream

Lemon Cake

Lemon Drop

lemon cake with lemon buttercream


Strawberry Lemonade

lemon cake with strawberry buttercream


Blackberry Lemon

lemon cake with blackberry buttercream


Lemon Raspberry

lemon cake with raspberry buttercream


Raspberry Lemon

lemon cake with raspberry filling and raspberry lemon buttercream



pumpkin spiced cake with vanilla cream cheese


Pumpkin Caramel

pumpkin cake with caramel filling and caramel buttercream


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

pumpkin cake with chocolate chips and vanilla buttercream


Chocolate Pumpkin

pumpkin cake with chocolate buttercream

Sir ChocOlate

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream



Mint Chocolate Chip

chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream and chocolate chips




chocolate cake with marshmallow filling and vanilla marshmallow buttercream



Rocky Road

chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, chocolate buttercream with walnuts and marshmallows



Almond Joy

chocolate cake with coconut cream filling and coconut buttercream



Chocolate Pistachio

chocolate cake with pistachio buttercream



Cookies and Cream

chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream



German Chocolate

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and coconut pecan praline



Critter Cakes

vanilla or chocolate cake with icing and candy critters



Black Forrest

chocolate cake with cherry filling and vanilla buttercream



Cherry Cola

chocolate cola cake with cherry cola buttercream



Chocolate Coconut

chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese



Chocolate Orange

chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange buttercream



Chocolate Candy Cane

chocolate cake with peppermint candy cane buttercream



Chocolate Sundae

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, hot fudge and sprinkles



Chocolate Worm-n-dirt

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, cookie crumbs and gummy worms



Cranberry White Chocolate

white chocolate cake with cranberries and white chocolate buttercream



Hot Cocoa

chocolate cake with hot chocolate buttercream




chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream



The Hazel

chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut buttercream



Salted Chocolate Caramel

chocolate cake, salted caramel filling, caramel buttercream




chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream



Mayan Spiced Chocolate

mayan spiced chocolate cake with spiced chocolate buttercream

Southern Belle

vanilla bean buttermilk cake with brown sugar buttercream




vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream



M&M Peanut Butter Monster

vanilla chocolate chip M&M cake with peanut butter cream cheese



Ryker’s Chocolate Chip

vanilla chocolate chip cake with brown sugar cookie dough buttercream



Peaches and Cream

vanilla peach cake with cream cheese



Peppermint Crunch

vanilla mint cake with candy cane buttercream



Root Beer Float

vanilla root beer cake with vanilla root beer buttercream



Salted Caramel

vanilla cake with caramel filling and salted caramel buttercream



vanilla cake with grape jelly filling and peanut butter cream cheese



Thin Mint

vanilla mint cake with chocolate buttercream



Blackberry Bliss

vanilla cake swirled with blackberry jam with blackberry buttercream



Birthday Cake

vanilla sprinkle cake with vanilla buttercream



Citrus Vanilla

vanilla cake with lemon, orange and lime with vanilla buttercream



Critter Cakes

vanilla or chocolate cake with icing and candy critters



Sweet Pig

vanilla maple cake with maple buttercream and bacon



French Vanilla Cappuccino

vanilla coffee cake with vanilla buttercream



Strawberry Pistachio

strawberry cake with pistachio buttercream





Strawberry Margarita

strawberry cake with margarita buttercream




Strawberry Milkshake

strawberry cake with strawberry malt buttercream



Strawberries n' Cream

strawberry cake with cream cheese icing





Strawberry Patch

strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream






Chocolate Covered Strawberry

strawberry cake with chocolate filling and strawberry buttercream


Cinnamon Almond

cinnamon almond cake with cinnamon cream cheese



Cinnamon Churro

cinnamon vanilla cake with cinnamon buttercream



I Do

cinnamon almond cake with almond buttercream

Cinnamon Spice

cinnamon spiced cake with cream cheese



Cinnamon Streusel

cinnamon cake with cinnamon streusel crumble topping



Cupcakes $3 each or $2.75 each if you order a half dozen or more.

 Cakes Any of our cupcake flavors can be made in cake form. Each of our cakes are two-layers with frosting, ganache, or fruit filling between each layer. The following prices are a base price for single cakes. Pricing increases as detail and design difficulty increase. Circle 4” round – serves 6 - $25 6” round– serves 14 - $45 8” round – serves 26 - $55 9” round – serves 30 - $65 10” round – serves 38 - $75 12” round – serves 56 - $85 14” round – serves 76 - $95 Square 1/2 sheet cake – serves 54 - $75 Full sheet cake – serves 100 - $125  Tiered Cakes Tiered Cakes 4” & 6” basic tiered cake – serves 20 - $70 6” & 8” basic tiered cake – serves 40 - $140 8” & 10” basic tiered cake – serves 64 - $224 4”, 6”, & 8” basic tiered cake – serves 46 - $161 6”, 8”, & 10” basic tiered cake – serves 78 - $ 273 6”, 9”, & 12” basic tiered cake serves 100 - $350 6”, 10”, & 14” basic tiered case serves 128 - $448 6”, 8”, 10”, & 12” basic tiered case serves 134 - $469 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” & 14” basic tiered case serves 216 - $756 For tiered cakes and a full list of sizes please see our Cake Guide under the Cakes Tab


Cookies & More



Chocolate Chip

brown sugar dough filled with chocolate chips…just like momma used to make


Double Chocolate Chip

chocolate dough filled with chocolate chips…a chocolate fanatics dream


Raspberry White Chocolate Macadamia

brown sugar dough filled with white chocolate chips, raspberries and macadamia nuts…so berry sweet


Peanut Butter Chip

peanut butter dough filled with peanut butter chips…peanut butter heaven


M&M Party

butter sugar cookie rolled in mini M&M’s…and more M&M’s


Sugar, Sugar

butter sugar cookie rolled in sprinkles…sprinkled with sprinkles and topped with sprinkles


Raspberry Cream Cheese

cream cheese dough filled raspberry jam…little puffs of sweetness



crunchy like a cookie on the outside and soft like a cake on the inside and dusted with powdered sugar…from strawberry to birthday cake, and red velvet to almond, these little gems are delightfully sweet


Sunny Boy

lemon sugar cookie drizzled with a citrus glaze…lil’ bits of sunshine in a tart little cookie



butter sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar…a good ol’ fashioned treat




Peanut Butter Blossom

peanut butter dough rolled in sugar and topped with a chocolate kiss or peanut butter cup…just like when you were a kid



pecan shortbread cookies rolled in powdered sugar…melt in your mouth goodness



made with our signature SweetFace dough and topped with a swirl of buttercream…sweet bites of sugary love


Oatmeal Raisin

spiced cookie with oats, raisins, and a hint of molasses…

a chunk of pure, sweet goodness just like grandma used to make


Coconut Pecan

brown sugar dough filled with coconut and pecans…a tropical Texas getaway in one bite



vanilla shortbread dough filled with citrus vanilla icing, chocolate ganache or fruit filling…a delectable little bite



any of our cookies sandwiched between our scrumptious icings…the most scrumptious sandwich you will ever have


Cranberry Scone

buttery dough with cranberries, white chocolate chips and a vanilla cream cheese filling drizzled with a citrus glaze


Blueberry Scone

buttery dough with blueberries, white chocolate chips and a vanilla cream cheese filling drizzled with a citrus glaze




 Cakeballs $2.50 Available in a variety of flavors – minimum order of 1 dozen Chocolate Truffles Available in just about any flavor you can think of! ½ dozen truffle box- $9.95 1 dozen truffle box - $18.95 Dipped Strawberries ½ dozen chocolate dipped strawberries - $12.95 ½ dozen gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries - $17.95 1 dozen chocolate dipped strawberries - $21.95 1 dozen gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries - $27.95 Ooey Gooey Butter Cake $3.00 each or $25.00 for a 9x13 Daily, we hear oohs and aahs over our buttercake! Think buttermilk pie meets vanilla cake and cheesecake all in one – simply put.. It ROCKS!! Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes $25 An enormous, made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookie cake with buttercream icing. This thing is BIG! Think “extra-large” Pizza! Monster Brownies $2.25 each Monster brownies are monster-size! Each one topped with M&Ms, mini marshmallows and peanut butter chips Cheesecakes $45 We offer made-from-scratch cheesecakes for special orders. Our most popular is our traditional cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce. Each cheesecake is a 10” cheesecake that will feed 15-20 people.

All of our cookies are baked fresh daily with the best ingredients possible!

Our cookie and pastry prices range from  $.95 to $1.95 for our vanilla cream-filled scones.

We also offer a  SWEET DOZEN

(A dozen mixed variety of cookies, of your choosing)

for $15.00, perfect for a quick grab-and-go for any special  gathering!


You can always call ahead and we will have a variety of cookies boxed and ready just for you!!


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